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Is an affiliate of Kemp's Youth Foundation 501C non-profit. Our mission is to increase early childhood literacy throughout Atlanta Georgia by providing free tutorial and reading programs to low income families. We hope to help kids build a strong foundation with which to succeed in their future learning.We will work to expand literacy and learning in the Georgia area by providing tutorials and educational opportunities to students free of charge. Our program is tailored to meet each child's specific needs, small groups, one on one tutorial and free assessments. By providing extra care and attention to these children through seminars, ballet, outings and special events,  students will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and learning in fun and innovative ways. Our goal is to increase literacy and overall learning opportunity to disadvantage youth across the state of Georgia who ordinarily would not be able to afford tutoring, in providing this service to children no matter there financial status they will have a chance at a quality education and a bright future.

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